New hospital construction and renovation represents a major challenge in electrical contracting. Diverse systems (each with unique power requirements), auxiliary power generation needs, extensive AHCA certifications, testing requirements and inspections are just a few of the many technical issues to be addressed. In the past decade, APG Electric has completed over 500 projects involving AHCA inspections. APG Electric is a recognized leader in this field, providing comprehensive electrical services for regional hospitals and medical centers.

APG Electric has completed many institutional projects, including primary and secondary schools, universities, and municipal, state and federal government buildings. The electrical contract amounts of these projects often exceed $5,000,000 per installation.

APG Electric has extensive experience with industrial projects including power plants and manufacturing facilities of various sizes. These projects typically involve heavy concentration of high voltage power distribution, instrumentation and controls.

Commercial electric construction projects include high rise condominiums, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, theme parks and retail establishments such as grocery, furniture and department stores. Here, a special emphasis is given to power conservation with energy efficient lighting and building automation systems.

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